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Compu-Craft Yacht Designs and Kit Boats:- Provide FULL SIZE FRAME and detail working drawings for amateur construction of, SAILING YACHTS  and POWER BOATS, MULTI-HULLS, CATAMARANS, TRIMARANS, POWER CATAMARANS & MOTOR LAUNCHES. Along with a range of D.I.Y. . KIT BOATS. These designs are all CAD created using the most advanced programs and techniques, so their accuracy and presentation is of the highest standard. 

The principal of this office is Col Clifford. Australian born and reared in Gladstone on the shores of Port Curtis midway up the Queensland coast. Col has been designing yachts and all other types of floating objects, for more than Fifty-five years.

The designs featured on this site represent some of the more popular of his portfolio.

All of Col’s work in the past has been custom designs to fill a particular need. Over Five Hundred different designs and many more variations over the years.

The designs featured on this site have all been built by amateur and/or professional builders and are proven performers. All have several examples sailing our coastlines.

It is the intention of Compu-Craft to add to and vary this lineup from time to time. Each time, drawing on designs that have proved popular over the last few years. Compu-Craft has investigated, researched, developed and designed virtually every type of vessel known to mankind over the years. We have been involved in such diverse projects as :- Complex compound roof shapes for shopping centres, sailing and powered foilers, light aircraft, lighter than air craft, soft wing aircraft, boats of every imaginable type from ultra-light proas to commercial craft, utilizing all types of construction materials and methods. We have even been heavily involved in the research, design, development and proving of advanced internal combustion engines to drive these vessels. (Compu-Craft Solutions)

In spite of all this, the boats represented on this site all have the following aims and attributes :-

  1. They are designed to be as simple and as quick as possible to build.
  2. They are cheap to build. We recommend common materials and simple methods, that minimise waste and repetition. (We purposely avoid the hi-tech and the expensive) After all These Are Cruising Boats. However that is not to say that these designs are outdated or mundane. The materials may not be expensive or exclusive technology, but the method of construction and building systems are very advanced and Hi-Tech. (patents are pending) and one of the advantages, is LIGHT WEIGHT and that is what most Hi-Tech. materials are all about.
  3. They are meant to be lighter than most. Remember less weight means more speed and less fuel. Oh yes! I almost forgot, it means MORE FUN too.
  4. They are all proven designs, that have been there and done, what you aim to do.
  5. The plans are detailed, explicit and FULL SIZE. (No lofting, no guessing and they are accurate)

These boats use a variety of materials and building methods and most can be constructed using alternatives such as foam core in place of western red cedar, such details and recommendations are noted on the plans. Be kind to yourself though, don’t add any extra weight during construction. 


Over the last Fifteen years or so we have spent countless hundreds of hours researching, experimenting and proving many theories to do with Two SPECIAL PROJECTS :-

One was to improve the motion of sailing catamarans, when sailing to windward. That is, to reduce their PITCHING MOTION. In a poor design, this is the one factor that will destroy their windward abilities and add to crew discomfort more than anything else.

THE RESULT has been, a line of cruising cats that are comfortable and easy to handle and that perform well on all points of sailing. This has been achieved through refined hull shapes and balanced effective centres, careful attention to the rig and sail proportions and their centres together with the culmination of years of experience from many owner/skippers.

The other ongoing project was to become involved, with the latest techniques, in the use and application of the many and varied materials used in the boat building industry, ALL OF THEM. This on top of a lifetime of boatbuilding experience.

The intention here was to come up with improved methods of using each type of material, for the sole purpose of REDUCING CONSTRUCTION TIME. (Labour Content)

For generations now, boat building (especially for the amateur) has been a slow and tedious or should I say TORTUOUS way to achieve a thing of enjoyment. I believe that man should endeavour to keep each project in life (except marriage) to a completion date not further than Two Years hence. With this in mind we have established many shortcuts in design, procedure, application and methods. At the top of this list was the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build a boat using the “strip-plank cedar and fibreglass sheathing” (W.E.S.T.)method. This is detailed on each of the appropriate plans. NOW our crowing glory, is the system  developed (over several years) and patented (pending) for the construction of the Compu-Craft KIT BOAT range. Using this system the whole boat POPS together VERY QUICKLY it is INEXPENSIVE to build and OPERATE; and remember anyone can do it. Using a kit of crucial components, full size plans and detailed instructions together with a list of items gained locally (a big saving on freight).

This is a unique opportunity to experience a creative achievement, that until now most people could only dream of. You could become a BOAT OWNER.

This project ALONE, (The Compu-Craft KIT BOATS) will justify all the time and effort that has gone into these C-C Special Projects over the years.      

Compu-Craft KIT BOATS

Our KIT BOATS:- Incorporate our patented (pending) fittings and methods that result in the following advantages.

This is a unique and extremely quick way, for the unskilled, the inexperienced, the amateur or professional, to build a boat. That is LIGHT, FAST, ECONOMICAL and FUN to build and own.

We have combined the best of traditional methods and proven techniques with some fresh new thoughts on framing and fixing, using tubular aluminium (aluminum) in place of timber. The result is a much lighter boat that has a fibreglass finished exterior and a panel fabricated interior that eliminates the need for any fibreglass work, inside the boat AT ALL. No more taping, no more bogging, no fillets, no fairing, no more interior glass work WHATSOEVER. It takes NO special skill or tools. Alloy tubing is cut to length directly off the FULL SIZE drawings and just CLICKS TOGETHER with a few rivets (using a hand Tool) and our SPECIAL C-C CLAMPS (joiners). All the JOINERS for this operation are in the kit.

The fitout inside the boat is simply and quickly achieved with flat panels such as plywood, Laminex, Forminex, melomine, foam com. or any other lightweight panels fixed directly to the alloy frame. There is little waste, little skill, minimum cost and time required, using only the simplest of hand tools.

In the past the big bugbear of all timber boats has been ROT. It is the one thing that is working all the time to destroy YOUR boat. This method of construction eliminates ALL of the TIMBER FRAME, so it can NEVER ROT.

We have built one of the Trailer Sailers using this system to make sure all the bugs were ironed out before offering them to the unsuspecting. This boat went together in surprisingly short time and has proved to be very stiff and light. In all a great little boat.

Listed here are Two  KIT designs using this system.(More will come) The C-C 20 T/S “SOMETHING DIFFERENT” Six metre lugsail ketch rigged family trailer sailer and the C-C 30 Power Catamaran “GO CAT” Nine point Four metre catamaran that can be powered by a variety of outboard motors and soon inboards, diesel or petrol and using legs, shaft or jet drives. This is an economical and a well above average performing cat. with spacious accommodation for up to Six people.

This method is so quick (labour saving) and inexpensive that even professional boat yards could provide a finished boat at a very competitive price. (Yes agencies are available)

The intention is to add more designs to this range of Kit Boats in the near future. So if you want a very easy  and cost effective way to own a boat, keep this site in mind.


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