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5  New  Power  Catamarans 

C-C 43 Fly Br PC035


Over the last few months most of my spare time has been devoted to developing a new range of super efficient power catamarans. The purpose for this exercise was to allow future Compu-Craft owners to GO FURTHER or FASTER for the SAME DOLLARS.

My Power Catamarans have always been far better than most at achieving this endeavour. All the C-C 38 to 44 foot range provide cruising speeds of 10 to 14 knots for fuel consumption of a litre per nautical mile travelled and the engines installed have ranged from 65 to 120 HP per side. This has applied now for about Fifteen years or so, after I had spent many hundreds of hours on the computers developing what was then very advanced underwater shapes for these boats. All this work was bought about after some very encouraging results, from a previous study and developmental program of Sailing Catamaran hull shapes to reduce the Sailing Catamaran’s unpleasant  pitching motion (This motion  also reduced their sailing performance.) and also resulted in designs that were far less likely to capsize. All this took place in the early Nineties and now the rising COST OF FUEL has driven me to DO IT ALL AGAIN.

That last generation of Power Catamarans was a great success, ask anyone who owns a Compu-Craft Power Cat and they will tell you so.

NOW THERE IS A WHOLE NEW RANGE of Compu-Craft  designs,  available from 37 to 63 feet long (11m to 19.2m) and ALL OF THESE BOATS are MUCH MORE ECONOMICAL than the previous boats.

ANOTHER piece of GOOD NEWS NEW is that all the future plans for the present range of proven Compu-Craft power catamarans can now be provided with this NEW IMPROVED underwater shape.

This new hull form has ANOTHER ADVANTAGE – The size of the motors are not limited to around  that 100 HP or so and a top speed of 18 to 20 knots. These boats can now be powered to cruise economically  at any speed from Eight to Thirty knots or more and do so for far less FUEL COST, than any other type of boat. (See Table of speed/power.) The reason THIS IS SO! – These boats are not designed to rise up onto the plane at speed as most other designs do. These are true displacement boats and a great deal of fine tuning of these designs was aimed at preventing the bow from trimming up. On the other hand, they make very little wash and at speed trim almost level. This attitude helps to reduce pitching and positively prevents the hulls from pounding. (A real problem with planing hulls.)

Four of the designs in this range are Fly Bridge cats similar in style to the Big Game fishing boats, but with a few different features. These boats are designed for living aboard and long range cruising, family weekends and holiday trips. THEY HAD TO BE PRACTICAL.

So feature One :- These hulls had to be ECONOMICAL and perform IMPECCABLY at any speed, UP TO that achievable by the installed power. This ruled out planing hulls that would perform best only at planning speed and not so well at lower speeds.

Two. The Fly Bridge style has a lot going for it, especially on a catamaran, but it needs to be put to better use than just a sundeck and a place to steer the boat from – Then let’s put some accommodation in it as well. The steering position is still there of course, plus a couple of moveable stable chairs, a spacious lounge/dinette that folds into a double bunk, for those calm starry nights, and next morning there is a small galley to knock up a cuppa in bed before breakfast on the upper deck. This galley also serves as a bar through the day.

Three. To get to this little heaven in the sky, there is a proper set of stairs. Not a fragile S/S ladder that scares the daylights out of the little woman. YOU NEED her up there to serve the drinks and cook the brekkie. (And nudge you, when the boat is about to go aground.)

Four. The owners of these boats will often do their own maintenance, so the engine rooms had to be spacious, stand up headroom and Two metres wide.Now if you look at the drawings I’m sure you will notice many more features of interest.

C-C 43 Fly Br PC034

C-C 43 Fly Br PC036




The other design in this collection is the C-C 43 Family MS  the details are set out below and the first question should be – What is MS?

MS stands for “MOTOR SAILER”. That’s right a Motor Sailer Catamaran.

This design has borrowed features from both Power and Sailing cats, such as Two large double cabins in the stern, along with a large hard top covered cockpit, an elevated steering position that has 360 degree vision over the cabin top with seating for Three people, a huge saloon galley and dining area. Top this off with Two spacious lockup tlt. shr. vanity and double cabin suites, again the engine rooms have standing hd. room and miles of space round each engine.

The drawings here show the Power Cat version without a rig, but I am in the process of completing the sailing version. Note :- This design has no centreboard,(It could have.) so it will not go to windward without some engine assist. However IT WILL GO VERY MUCH faster than most other mono motor sailers on all other points of sailing. If long range cruising at constant above average speeds is a dream, then this boat with its great accommodation and a Twenty HP diesel in each hull, will be a very cost effective and convenient CRUISING MACHINE.             

C-C 43 Family MS037


The NEW DESIGNS that make up this range are listed below:-

Compu-Craft – C-C 43 Family MS Power Catamaran.

LOA.                13.3m              43’ 8”

LWL                 13.0m              42’ 7”

Beam               6.32m              20’ 9”

Draft                0.9m                3’0” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                  Cruise                       Call Up HP

21                                10kts                            7 / 8kts                        16

63                                15kts                            10 / 12kts                    30

137                              20kts                            15 / 17kts                    75

231                              25kts                            18 / 20kts                    131

375                              30kts                            24 / 26kts                    242

NOTE :-  The C-C 43 Family MS (Above) Can Be Rigged As A MOTOR SAILER. 


Compu-Craft – C-C 37 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran. (Plan Yet To Be Finished.)

LOA.                11.3m              37’ 0”

LWL                 9.88m              32’ 5”

Beam               5.25m              17’ 3”

Draft                0.76m              2’6” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                  Cruise                          Call Up HP

NOTE :-  Engine Requirements Are Yet To Come. 


Compu-Craft – C-C 43 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran.

LOA.                13.4m              43’ 11”

LWL                 11.72m            38’ 5”

Beam               6.15m              20’ 2”

Draft                0.9m                3’0” 

HP/Side          Top Speed                 Cruise                       Call Up HP

21                    10kts                            7 / 8kts                        16

65                    15kts                            10 / 13kts                    42

135                  20kts                            14 / 16kts                    70

235                  25kts                            17 / 20kts                    130

370                  30kts                            24 / 27kts                    240     


Compu-Craft – C-C 53 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran.

LOA.                16.15m            53’ 0”

LWL                 14.2m              46’ 7”

Beam               7.51m              24’ 7”

Draft                1.1m                3’7” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                Cruise                         Call Up HP

27                                10kts                            8kts                              18

82                                15kts                            10 / 12kts                    36

165                              20kts                            15 / 17kts                    95

290                              25kts                            18 / 20kts                    153

450                              30kts                            25 / 27kts                    355 


Compu-Craft – C-C 63 SunCoast Fly Bridge Power Catamaran.

LOA.                19.08m            62’ 7”                         

LWL                 16.76m            54’ 9”

Beam               8.74m              28’ 8”

Draft                1.3m                4’26” 

HP/Side                      Top Speed                Cruise                        Call Up HP

91                                15kts                            12kts                            60

206                              20kts                            17kts                            124

390                              25kts                            18 / 21kts                    195

650                              30kts                            24 / 26kts                    385

800                              32.5kts                         25 / 28kts                    410 

NOTE :-  All these boats can be powered for more performance.

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