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 Compu-Craft C-C 16 Trailer Sailer KIT


C-C 16ft Version KIT

Compu-Craft C-C 16 Trailer Sailer KIT

The C-C 16 is the TS 16 of to-day. I'll make no secret of the fact that I set out to create a handy little trailer sailer that would serve exactly the same purpose as the Hartley TS 16 did so long ago. However it was also my intention to make some changes, such as :-

Reduce the displacement.

Make it even easier to sail.

Much simpler to build (using the Compu-Craft KIT method).

Provide more space in the cabin with additional headroom.

Make it easier to launch and retrieve to the trailer. (No deadwood under the hull.)

Make it an even quicker and better performing boat than the TS.

Keep the construction and maintenance costs to a minimum

Make it MORE FUN to build, own and to sail.

This is also the small sister to the C-C 20, a magic boat in itself. To build using the C-C KIT system means that ANYONE can assemble it, in a very short time, using NO special tools or skills and achieve a well finished, strong and able boat. Having a great deal of FUN in the process.

The hull is built upside down using aluminium tubing for the frame, clipped together with C-C clamps and joiners. This method eliminates the need for welding or trade skills. The frames are fabricated directly off full size drawings so there is no chance of any error. The chines and stringers are sprung round the frames in the normal manner. This provides the structure to attach the skin (planking) of plywood or fibreglass composite panels. The cockpit and interior fit out use the same frame system. Then the deck (same method) is attached and if plywood is used for the skin, then a light layer of fibreglass is applied all over the exterior for weather protection and with a minimum of effort and a coat of paint, the job is done.

The biggest advantage of this method is that it eliminates ANY NEED for fibre glassing, filling, fairing and its finishing off inside the boat at all. The most time consuming part of building any boat.  

She has a self draining cockpit with cut away transom for easy access and a seat up each side. The cabin has Two bunks a sink and a stove, the headroom of 1.62m (5' 4") (+ Pop Top) is generous for a boat of 16 Ft. and with a beam of 2.396m (7' 10") there is room to move in the cabin. The centreboard is a ballasted dagger type so it consumes as little space as possible. The rig is a simple sloop with Four through battens and Three strings to pull.


C-C 20 Trailer Sailer 001


C-C 16 Trailer Sailer


LOA  16’ 4”  5m

Beam  7’ 10”  2.39m





 C-C 20 Trailer Sailer

C-C 20 Trailer Sailer 002


Lugsail Ketch On Unstayed Masts

This plan was drawn and the first boat built, to test and prove the Compu-Craft Kit Boat principle and methods and all the components, jigs and building aids that were suggested for this NEW APPROACH to Kit Boat building and marketing.

This is a WHOLE NEW WAY to not only supply and build Kit Boats for any Do-it-yourself home builder, it is also a method where the professional boat yard can manufacture a line of boats or one-offs WITHOUT the burden of moulds, jigs and templates that cost a fortune, in TIME and MATERIALS and are really only the license to enable the builder to do as he wants.

THAT IS :- Build A Boat.

All the advantages that this system offers the Amateur is also available to the Professional.

These boats have some unusual but useful features, they are available with several different rigs, and each has its own set of virtues, such as, extremely easy and quick to rig. No standing rigging, the masts are simply a length of alloy tubing (Cheap and lightweight.) that stands in a hole in the deck, for the Cat Lugsail Ketch and Cat Ketch with two fully battened mains. The C-C 20 has full standing headroom through the centre of the cabin where there are four bunks a split galley, room for a porta-potty and with the centreboards offset behind the galley; this is a spacious 20 footer.

Oh! I forgot to mention; with two centreboards each is only half as heavy to lift and the board when raised will not protrude through the cabin top. The outboard is clamped direct to the transom and two small dagger rudders handle the steering.


LOA   20’ 1”  6.12m

Beam 7’ 10”  2.38m

Draft Centreboards Down  4’ 4”  1.32m 


C-C 20 Trailer Sailer 003 

C-C 20 Trailer Sailer A

C-C Trailer Sailer A

C-C 20 TS Hull

C-C 20 Trailer Sailer B


This Method Is A Neat Process

It is great to work with a framing material that is always straight, square, light, easy to cut and trim, then clips together with the ability to be adjusted to fit exactly before final fixing – with a few rivets – and the interior, decks and cockpit use the same method and materials.

Yet there is only a minimum of tools and skill required.  

C-C Trailer Sailer C





The Trailable Version Of The C-C 31 Cruising Centreboarder


C-C 31 TS 006

C-C 31 TS 007

Now Here Is Some Fun

Fitted with wings or trapeze to get some weight outboard and club racing would take on a whole new perspective.

This boat is not meant to be towed any distance on the highway as its LOA would be daunting to most drivers. It is intended to be pulled out onto a hard stand for storage, this can be achieved by the family car using a simple (unregistered, no brakes, suspension or other maintenance problems.) dolly trailer, is much cheaper than a marina berth.She can be built of cedar, foam or any composite method or by far the best for the home builder is Alloy Frame with marine ply (glassed) skin.

Dimensions :-

LOA  31’ 7”  9.64m

Beam 8’ 2”  2.5m

Draft Board Down 6’ 3”  1.9m

Draft board Up 10”  265mm




TO THE C-C 31 Range Of Aft Cabin

Cruising Yachts

C-C 31 Trailable Centreboard Yacht

This is an interesting and exciting every man's FUN Yacht. She can be built from cedar strip plank (W.E.S.T.System) or Compu-Craft Easy-Build KIT method. A very quick and cost effective way to build a boat.

This variation of the C-C 31 has been modified to meet the road regs. for trailer boats in England where it is legal to tow boats up to 2.9m (9 ft 6 ins.) wide. 

Several other changes have also taken place – The increase of internal volume has produced room for – A head in the saloon cabin, larger dble. Bunk in the aft cab., headroom has been increased particularly in the aft cab. The saloon cabin houses the biggest galley ever seen on a 31 footer, a raised dinette that converts to a double bunk and another double in the bow. She has a centre cockpit that is safe and protected, aft of the cockpit is an aft cabin with a large enclosed toilet, shower and vanity, opposite is a great double bunk. The engine has been relocated to a recess through the transom, probably a much better place for it on a trailable boat. A new rig has been planed too, a cat ketch with unstayed  masts that just drop into a sleeve in the deck and the sails are pretensioned as with a wind surfer.

So there you have it – A GREAT LITTLE YACHT HAS GOT EVEN BETTER     


LOA   9.652m (31’ 8”)

Beam  2.82m (9’ 3”)

Draft Hull Only  300mm (12”)

Draft C/B Down  1.9m (6’ 3”)

Hd. Rm. Galley   2.07m (6’ 10”)

Hd. Rm. Aft Cab.   1.75m (5’ 9”) 

 NOTE :- This range of designs is available from 28 feet to 50 feet  in length and with a variety of rigs ( 1 to 3 masts) and panel over alloy frame or cedar strip plank construction.

They can use the ballasted dagger centreboard as depicted here and benefit from the ultra shoal draft when the board is up. They can have a mini-keel and centreboard, (Dagger or swing back.) with the ballast in either the board or keel (Lightweight board.) or a combination of both.

Also a cockpit aft and various accommodation layouts have been used in the past.

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht001

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht





 C-C 21 Fixed Beam Trailer Sailer Catamaran

C-C 21 Trailer Sailer Catamaran 

I built and sailed a cat very similar to this for many years. It was FAST and FUN but the variable beam (13’ 6” for sailing) I now believe was unnecessary. I think the wings are a better way to provide FUN. 


C-C 21 Sailing Catamaran

Details :-LOA  22’    6.7m

Beam  8’ 2”   2.5m

Draft (CB Down)  4’ 3”   1.3m

Head Rm. 5’ 7”   1.7m

C-C 21 Trailer Sailer Cat KIT




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