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 Yacht Designed To Take The Hard And Stand Upright

The C-C 45 Is Designed To Take The Hard And Stand Upright

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C-C 42 Power Boat 055

 Jims 47

Jims 0050

 Every Day Gets Closer To The Day



Today Is The Day


Pleasure Power Mono Designed for long range live aboard cruising. This boat is fitted with stabilizers to add to the comfort of doing just that.


C-C Alloy Frame KIT Sailing Catamaran > Study Plans > 32-38 Sailing Catamarans 

C-C 37 Alloy frame KIT Sailing Catamaran > See Study Plans > 32 – 38 Sailing Catamarans


C-C 40 Cruising Yacht 0001 


C-C 31 Sailing Yacht 005

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht001

C-C 31 Trailable Yacht

C-C 45 Steel-Alloy Cruising Yacht 003 

Centreboard Yachts from 16 to 60 feet > See Study Plans > For Sailing Yachts

 Power Catamaran 12 to 18kts and a Litre per N-Mile.  

C-C 38 Power Catamaran 12 to 18kts and a Litre per N-Mile.

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See Study Plans > 36-42 Power Cats 

C-C 29 Cruising Catamaran

C-C 29 Sailing Catamaran 

A 29Footer With The Accom Of A 35

See Study Plans > C-C 21-32 Sailing Catamarans 

C-C 31 Sailing Catamarans 004 

C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran

Now Here Is A FUN BOAT  


C-C 31 Motor Sailer Power Cai 031

C-C 31 Motor Sailer Catamaran

Rig is yet to come- Very spacious accommodation, Four double cabins, full headrm everywhere, twin retractable outboards, mini keels and a large enclosed cockpit. A true family GEM.

 See Study Plans C-C 21-32 Sailing Catamarans





C-C 36 Cruising Forever and Loving It. See study Plans > 35 – 40 Sailing Catamarans



C-C 40 Shoal Draft Cruising Catamaran With Diesel Inboards.

See study Plans > 38 – 44 Sailing Catamarans

C-C 33-36 Yacht 001.jpg

One Of The Range Of Light Displacement Cruising Centreboarders From 26

To 60 Feet See Study Plans > Yachts 

C-C 40 Power Catamaran_001.jpg

Many Special Features, Built Into This C-C 40 – Satisfaction is a foregone conclusion.


C-C 50 This One Means Business ! 14kts All Day Long and a Postie Bike

burns more fuel. See > Study Plans C-C 47 – 80 Power Catamarans

(The Magic Machines)


C-C 43 Family MS037

See Study Plans > C-C 40 – 44 Power Catamarans

C-C 44 2.jpg 

C-C 40 Power CatamaranA.jpg 

A C-C 40 Ready To Go ANYWHERE

C-C 43 Fly Br PC035

















 C-C 43 Fly Br PC034 

















See Study Plans > C-C 40 – 44 Power Catamarans

C-C 16ft Version KIT 

TS 16 & 20 Lighter Faster and MORE FUN 

C-C 21 Trailer Sailer Catamaran

Trailer Sailer Catamaran - See Trailer Sailers > C-C 16-31

These Are A Great Little Boats - I Had One For Years 

C-C 34 Sailing Catamaran_0002 



A Cedar Strip Plank C-C 34


An All Aluminium  C-C 36 Sailing Cat.                     

See Study Plans > C-C 32 – 38 sailing Catamarans


C-C 35 Express


C-C 53 SunCoast Power Cat

This 53 footer is the big sister to the C-C 43 and there is a C-C 63 - 19.2 metres of grace and luxury.

A speedy and very economical design incorporating the latest advanced underwater shape that provides amazing results.  

A 61 foot (18.6m) Cedar Masterpiece –

A Speedy - Economical – Penthouse – The Comforts Of Home –

Anywhere In The World – Views To Die For. 

C-C 65 Power Catamaran C.jpg

The Sea Lions Of The Cat Family, Or Super Sixties. Call Them

What You Like – If You Had One – You Would Not Like Parting With It.

  C-C 65 Power Catamaran.jpg

These Practical Felines Have Many Virtues.

They Have The Graceful Lines Of A Mono-hull –

More Spacious Comfort To Enjoy, With More Speed For Less Fuel, The Stability Of An Ocean Liner And The Precision Handling Of A Porsch.


 NOTE :- Most of these designs ARE available for construction using almost any popular building material or building method.  (WE HAVE experience with ALL OF THEM over the years.) 

If you are prepared to indulge a little, then the Compu-Craft Alloy Frame KIT method, will provide a quick and simple way to build your boat. It will be lightweight, strong and economical. This process is basicly the same as a timber frame boat but as high quality timber is becoming hard to procure, requires good woodworking skills and is a time consuming process, Compu-Crafts process is attractive.

All other methods have their benifits and drawbacks and most builders are aware of these BUT REMEMBER - with Compu-Craft Yacht Designs YOU CAN CHOOSE - Any METHOD and MATERIAL and We WILL MATCH Our design TO YOUR REQUIREMENTS in almost ALL CASES.

ALL PLANS provide FULL SIZE Frame Drawings that are the result of the BEST programs and printing equipment available to our industry.










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