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Notes:- Info on Study Plan Packs,  Full Size

Plans,  KITS and  Assistance.


Study Plan Packs – Consist of from 9 to 15 A4 pages of Photos,

Drawings and Information of a few designs that are of similar size

and type. Each pack can be downloaded to your computer for viewing.


Full Size Plans  - Most of the designs you view on this site are

now available for virtually any method of construction (Within

weight constraints – for example – steel plate is not

recommended for small light displacement designs.) and any

common building materials. There is no extra fee charged for

altering the plans to achieve the above, in most cases.


Plans consist of a collection of drawings that provide the

information required to build the boat and complete the interior

fit-out together with such details as tanks, their location and  

capacity, centreboards, rudders, rig and sail plans. To simplify

frame construction and completely eliminate full size lofting of

plans, there is included a set of FULL SIZE drawings of all

Frames, Stem Profile, Actual Transom Outline and any other

items that would be easier to build direct from full size patterns.


All drawings are produced using the best 3D software and

computerised equipment (CAD) available to the our industry, this

eliminates errors and assures accuracy.





KITS – What is referred to as a KIT, is not the supply of a full

knock-down pack of all the components needed to build the boat.

We investigated this process and labour and freight charges in

Australia would have made the price prohibitive anywhere else in

the world.


Compu-Craft KITS – Consist of a collection of C-C clamps and

joiners (Alloy castings.) that are used to fix the aluminium tube

frame (Including the interior fit-out.) together. (NO welding, NO

F/Glass.)  This along with the FULL SIZE drawings (Plan Pack)

provides an aluminium tube frame of the complete boat ready for

the skin (Planking) of all surfaces, hull, decks, cabin top, cockpit

and combings. Inside the frame provides the basis to complete

the fit-out. The Skin or Planking can be any panel of marine

plywood or cored (Composite) panel, on completion of the hull all

seams are filled and faired and a light F/Glass  layup is applied to

the outside for protection. The majority of materials needed to

build (Alloy Tubing, Ply, F/Glass, Resin, Paint and the like.) is

purchased by the builder from local suppliers. This saves freight

and material costs.

So the process a builder should follow to get started – I s select

a design then download it’s Study Plan, peruse this, then contact

Col Clifford at +617 3800 5107 or e-mail to

discuss building method and materials so that we can supply

the correct details on the plans. If you decide on the Alloy Frame

KIT system, I will establish the number and types of C-C joiners

needed and get back to you with the cost (They are not

expensive.) and an address to forward same along any Jigs,

Gauges and Templates that will help in the building process.

(Oh and the Plan Pack)



Assistance – We offer free advice and assistance any time over

the telephone and if you look at  “About Us” and you will realize

We know a little about a lot” that may help. If you are building

along the central East coast of Australia then if you have a

problem or I get the eagre, I will jump or a motorbike and come

to you, otherwise I will supply more detailed drawings or

descriptions to cover any point you may raise.  


Compu-Craft Yacht Designs Plan Price List

Power Catamarans License Fee GST Plan Cost
C-C 20 O/B Power Catamaran $2,700 $270 $2,970
C-C 25.5 Power Catamaran  $2,900 $290 $3,190
C-C 30 Power Catamaran $4,800 $480 $5,280
C-C 33 Power Catamaran $5,100 $510 $5,610
C-C Motor Sailer Catamaran $5,300 $530 $5,830
C-C 36 Fly Bridge Power Catamaran $7,800 $780 $8,580
C-C 36.5 Power Catamaran $6,500 $650 $7,150
C-C 36/38 Power Catamaran $7,250 $725 $7,975
C-C 38 Power Catamaran  $7,600 $760 $8,360
C-C 38/40 Power Catamaran $7,800 $780 $8,580
C-C 45 Power Catamaran $8,000 $800 $8,800
C-C 47/50 Power Catamaran $8,300 $830 $9,130
C-C 44/48 Power Catamaran (Moulded Fibreglass Hulls Available) + Plans To Completion Price on Appl.  
C-C 61 Power Catamaran Price on Appl.  
C-C 65 Power Catamaran Price on Appl.  
C-C 80 Power/Sailing Cat Price on Appl.  
Trailer Sailers License Fee GST Plan Cost
C-C 16 Trailer Sailer $2,100 $210 $2,310
C-C 20 Trailer Sailer $2,400 $240 $2,640
C-C 31 (Pull Out) Trailer Sailer $5,300 $530 $5,830
C-C Trailer Sailer Catamaran $2,600 $260 $2,860
Cruising Yachts License fee GST Plan Cost
C-C 31 Cruising Yacht $5,300 $530 $5,830
C-C 33 Cruising Yacht $5,600 $560 $6,160
C-C 34 Cruising Yacht $5,600 $560 $6,160
C-C 35 Cruising Yacht $5,900 $590 $6,490
C-C 40 Cruising Yacht $6,100 $610 $6,710
C-C 45 Cruising Yacht $6,300 $630 $6,930
C-C 43/45 Cruising Yacht $6,600 $660 $7,260
Sailing Catamarans License fee GST Plan Cost
C-C 21 Trailer Sailer Catamaran $2,600 $260 $2,860
C-C 29 Sailing Catamaran $5,800 $580 $6,380
C-C 31 Motor Sailer Catamaran $5,300 $530 $5,830
C-C 31 Cruising Catamaran $6,700 $670 $7,370
C-C 31 Club Racing Catamaran $6,500 $650 $7,150
C-C 34 Sailing Catamaran $6,480 $648 $7,128
C-C 36 Aluminium Sailing Catamaran $7,600 $760 $8,360
C-C 36 Sailing Catamaran $7,000 $700 $7,700
C-C 37 Sailing Catamaran $7,300 $730 $8,030
C-C 40 Sailing Catamaran $7,300 $730 $8,030
C-C 40 Fast Cruising Catamaran $6,900 $690 $7,590
C-C 43 Sailing Catamaran $7,700 $770 $8,470

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